Right to Death

Finally, after years of pain and suffering, Aruna Shanbaug is finally laid to rest. 

Her life is a story of remorse that begs the question, “Was it all worth it?”

The unforgiving physical pain and suffering after a harrowing, mentally disturbing trauma…

Doesn’t right to life also include the right to death? 

This debate has been going on for ages and still we don’t have an answer to the whole active euthanasia debate. 

Isn’t it time yet to think about the right to end one’s own life when one pleases to do so? 

Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? 


1 thought on “Right to Death

  1. Hi Adarsh, I agree with you for the fact that a person should be capable of deciding whether to die or live in serious cases of suffering, however in Aruna’s case that did not happen neither from her side nor from the court, because of the consideration laid on the medical reports which stated that it was a PVS(short) i.e persistent vegitative state for short period, which meant she still had the least chance of survival. In such circumstances, court can’t decide to withdraw life support anonymously, as chances of revival still exist, irrespective of less or high. Hence, passive euthanasia is legal in India irrespective of whether there is a legislation or not. Passive euthansia only means withdrawal of life support to the critically ill-patient. In contrast to your article, I suggest high courts act more decisively in analysing the period of vegetative state through appointment of high level committee of medical profeasionals before deciding on such cases , unlike seeing it as mere number of years and not the trauma undergone as in Aruna’s case where 42 years was considered short period.

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