India Needs a Renaissance of Mindset

“I’m Gay, My Ma Placed An Ad Looking for a Groom For Me,” read a blog title.

As I was at my Dentist’s clinic last evening, I hooked on to a wifi network from an adjoining cafe and at once opened the NDTV app. I am an avid newsreader and I make sure that every day I get a slice of the latests happenings.

I read tens of blogs everyday and I surely am impressed with many, but Harish Iyer’s blog really did keep me hooked till the very last sentence and made me share it with my friends.

Now, before we proceed, read Harish’s article at

Well, as intriguing as the title and the story is, can we really blame the people for what happened? A majority of the people in our society, which greatly believe in God and mythology and purported scriptures of the past, have no idea of the very meaning of the word “Homosexual”.

Many people have no idea whatsoever that a romantic relationship can at all exist between two (or more) men and two (or more) women.

It is like telling you that a stone has life. Or that India didn’t actually get its independence because of Mahatma Gandhi (Hope this doesn’t get me places I don’t want to go)…

In a society that is prejudiced against love, intercaste marriages, inter-religion marriages, inter-state marriages and what not, accepting homesexual marriages is a stretch really.

Change is hard to achieve, but people like Harish make us youth realise how wrong our people’s mindset is and how much need there is for education.

India needs a renaissance of mindset on various fronts…women rights, reservations, religion, politics…and I don’t think a generation above us is quiet equipped to do so. Hopefully at least our generation will bring great change.

Edit: I was just reading up on a few comments and this was what I found! See for yourselves…

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