Pick and Speak – 1

I love learning new concepts and ideas, and I manage to capture a few of them each day. These concepts help us put a title to thoughts we already have or learn something that we might be able to use in our day-to-day activities. So, whatever I learn each alternate day, I will write a brief about it and post links which you can see if you find it interesting.

Dan Pink’s Talk

In the Puzzle or Motivation, Dan Pink talks about how incentivising creative work can be counterproductive and how companies need to evolve their management practises to leverage more creative work from employees / partners. Checkout the talk on the link below


Filene’s Basement

The place that revolutionised supply chain practises and created an innovative concept for selling products at heavily discounted prices, prices that even makes people plan their wedding around the time of Finene’s landmark wedding gown sales!


Survivorship Bias

A concept through which we always talk about the talked when we should actually be talking on the unspoken. The video talks about how airplanes were remodelled by the Allied Powers during WWII and extends it how we always look at the winners and make our decisions, giving way to survivorship bias


Bounded Rationality Concept

According to this concept, the decisions we make are limited by various factors, including time and emotions, and so we don’t always make the best possible decision, rather we consciously make decisions that might not be the best for us, though there is a possibility of us having access to the whole information. Can this be also why we choose certain politicians with even criminal background / narrow mindsets to be elected as our leaders?

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