5E Plan for Social Media

For a startup, I was working on developing a plan on what content to post in a week so that it doesn’t amount to “spam”. I call it the “5E Plan”. Do share your comments / suggestions.

Any company seeking to communicate and connect effectively with its clients must follow this recipe:

1. Engage – something that’ll keep the readers occupied with the content of post and keep them hooked beyond the “scroll time”.

2. Enrich – provide information that the intended audience might not know of / would help them understand about things that you care about. Remember, social media updates needn’t (shouldn’t) be just about one’s own work / business.

3. Entertain – viewer engagement can happen through entertainment too, but the idea of having this as a separate entity of interest is to emphasise the point that one post, at the least, must have an entertainment value. It may be fun polls, or questions of sorts or anything you might think of creatively, but it must be something that doesn’t feel like a survey or taking up the viewers time profusely.

Educate – posts talking about what goes into making the product / service, what differentiates it and so on.

Empower – posts talking mainly about company culture, inspiring growth stories, CSR and so on.

Do let me know what you think.

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