They say small talk is bad, maybe, but I say, push it just a little more than small – that’s where the magic happens. It’s time that isn’t too much so you don’t wander off into lengthy debates and discussions, nor too small. It is just enough to get something that the other person has on top of his/her mind at that moment.

In the last month, with many such medium-talks with people, I came across 4 companies. I did not know of their existence before, so I looked them up and found them fascinating. Each one is unique and innovative, and carries a truly casual tone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Do check them out leisurely and see if you like them as much as I did.

1. Wok-to-Walk

A fast-food chain franchise serving “Flaming Good” fresh and healthy Asian-food around the world!


2. Atom bank

The future of banking, available today!



The company that designed the mouse for the Lisa!


4. TransferWise

“Bye bye bank fees, Hello World. Get the exchange rate you see on Google. Every time.”


Do check these 4 companies and share the names of those companies that truly appealed to you.

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