The Walking God

Shivanna, a boy from a remote place called Veerapura, rose in 1930, from having to fulfil his father’s idea of him securing a job in Bengaluru, to becoming “The Walking God” by providing spiritual enlightenment, food, education, healthcare and shelter to over 10000 children each day through over 100 institutions.

After Shivanna became Sri. Shivakumara Swamiji, he took the management of the Mutt, the education institutions and the herculean task of serving food to everyone who visited the Mutt. The Mutt though famous, did not then have a wide enough donor network to sustain its vast initiatives. However, the Swamiji relentlessly travelled far and wide on foot, garnering support and outlining his vision for the Mutt, for the children, for the needy, the farmers, the empowerment of women and more, building the place brick and brick and strengthening it with faith and sweat.

His story is one that would echo for ages, his name is one that will remain till the end of time. I join millions of Indians in prayer seeking that though he might left the world as we know it physically, his ideals and principles still resound.

#Shivakumaraswamiji #WalkingGod

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