Jai Hind

Hearts beat as loud as thunder,

How to avenge? We can’t but wonder.

We are helpless.

We are clueless.

Yet hope, we haven’t lost,

We will succeed, no matter the cost.

To release us of our pain,

To let our martyrs not go in vain.

Together we, the people, must rise,

Answer we must, all the cries.

‘Tis time for us to have them dismantled,

’Tis time for us to pick up the mantle.

Our fists now grow tighter,

Nothing now will really matter.

Need to unite like we have never before,

Need to unleash the most powerful weapon in store.

Our faith, our love, our unity, our integrity, our oneness, our resolve,

In front of it all, there is no problem we can’t solve.

The evil thrives in isolation,

The evil thrives on silence.

But they shatter in the face of a people,

They shatter in the face of a voice.

Soon the martyrs will be back,

As sons, as daughters, as plants, as flowers, as crops, as sunshine.

And they will know that the barking dogs died,

But together, the Indian pack survived.

They will know that it wasn’t explosives that avenged their fathers,

They will know that their fathers just weren’t theirs, but of our nation entire.

They will know that though lives were lost, of their fathers,

Their spirits lived on, in the hearts of the people entire.

“Jai Hind” they will scream then,

As tears will roll down their cheek.

“Jai Hind” they will scream then,

When people take India to her peak.

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