Entrepreneur vs. Businessperson

Entrepreneur vs. Businessperson.

I recently delivered a talk at Digital Academy 360 on Decoding Digital Marketing. The talk, which had to be centered around #digitalmarketing, quickly took a turn within the first few minutes-into being more about #entreprenership than marketing.

I was asked numerous questions, all of them topnotch, but one question stood out the most: “What is the difference between an entrepreneur & a businessperson?” I immediately replied, “An entrepreneur is driven by #passion/purpose & a businessperson is driven by #profits“. It sure did satisfy the audience then, however this remained at the back of my head.

Of course, ultimately, it is about profits and without the entreprise making profits how can the entrepreneur keep going? But, once one ventures in that direction, I believe certain core values centre to the reason behind why an entrepreneur became an entrepreneur start to fade or gets dumped in the back burner.

So, how can this be navigated? Well, according to me, it is all about knowing WHY one started off as an entrepreneur & trying to see how certain REALITIES must be understood, internalized & incorporated in the fabric of the enterprise.

I have drawn a table containing some key aspects, feel free to look into it & comment your views.