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Author. Social Entrepreneur. Engineer.
Website: www.rameshadarsh.com
#288 Lakshmi Vilas Road, Devaraja Mohalla
Mobile Number: +91-8050476267
Mysore – 570024

Email ID: adarshramesh1@gmail.com


The Dominion © is a novel that I took 3 years to complete. What started as an idea to create nothing more than a Facebook post grew to be an eight hundred page novel. With an astute knowledge of Engineering and Law, and a penchant for crime fiction and thrillers, I have penned this book with the perfect blend of detail and intricacy.

Educational Qualification

Degree Bachelor of Engineering
Branch Electronics and Communication Engineering
College Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore

Projects and works on writing

  • “A Canvas for Tomorrow’s Intellectual Global Village”

An essay of mine that was awarded the second prize at the Annual Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna in 2014.

You can view and download the essay here

  • Connected, Automated and Resourceful Vehicular System (CARVS)

The focus of this project was to revolutionize the on-road travel scenario. This Collaborative Innovative Challenge (CIC) Project was presented at the PACE Annual Global Forum 2014 held at Turin, Italy and was awarded the first prize.

You can view about PACE here


Assist is a product that ensures better safety and protection of women from attackers.

  • Dynamic Voting System (DVS)

A product that focuses on offering a secure voting environment, networked environment, safeguards against sabotage and seamless execution of the otherwise tedious counting process. This product was presented to a review committee and was approved with commensurate appreciation.

  • Fiction: Crime, Legal and Fantasy
  • Non-Fiction: Politics, Law and Order, Society.
  • Movies (Written and Directed by me)
  • Poems
  • Songs

I also write articles for newspapers, plays and short stories and I have a decent digital footprint. I often write on Quora (http://www.quora.com/Adarsh-Ramesh-3) and I am an avid follower of the current affairs, in particular the news of politics.


Writing and reading fiction and non-fiction novels and short stories, poetry writing, blogging, teaching, movie making, dramatics, politics, innovation, philanthropy, photography, debating, designing and marketing.

Additional Information

  • Founder/ Secretary of a Non-Profit Trust, Project ReachOut ®
  • President at the SJCE Youth Forum
  • Editor at the SJCE Editorial Board
Date of birth 30th October 1993
Gender Male
Languages English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit


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I have worked on my debut novel, “The Dominion”, for over three years and I’m confident that the manuscript would be a read worth your time. The plot is intricate, the characters are beckoning, the storyline is gripping and it certainly is the kind of book people of most age groups would want to get their hands on. The Dominion offers a blend of different styles of storytelling and it also offers fresh perspectives to the events that are of historical significance.

In case you feel the need to know more about me, I would be delighted to speak to you personally at +918050476267.

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