Bandersnatch : Review

On October 28 I watched Black Mirror: #bandersnatch, an interactive film in the Netflix’s TV Series #Blackmirror.

The film personified #innovation #creativity and broke the barrier between #entertainment and #technology. The film has various plotlines that are based on what choices the viewer makes, be in terms of what food he eats, what actions he takes, what he says and so on (I will spare the details as I do not want to give anything spoilers away). The plot makes the viewer hooked to the screen and attracts complete attention, making them the puppeteer controlling the lives of the characters and thus the plot of the story.

Netflix has once again explored a new territory in Film and has reinvented itself, ever so gracefully.

To those of us in management, this represents how value can be created through synergies, how competitive advantages can be enhanced and how Netflix is changing the scope of film and creating disruptions.

This futher shows that #technology can be extended in its use to encompass more fields of interest, in particular to the theme I have set through my writings – Society and Regulation. #business #leader