The night was young and so was my cousin.

It was the summer of 2011 and I was bunked at my uncle’s two-bedroom apartment in Bangalore. Four NRIs, three Mysoreans and two Bangaloreans perched at the apartment, with my grandparents occupying the master bedroom and my “little and littler cousins” occupying the guest bedroom. Evidently, the sleeping arrangements were a bit…icky.

The lights were put out almost instantly after my littler cousin hit the road to Wonderland Avenue. I was required to douse the television, kill the computer and not answer or initiate any calls.

Call it fate or call it elementary functioning of the nature, I was forced to be in wraps by 9:30 PM, the magical time at which the littler cousin went to sleep.

Now, taking into purview the fact that I’m a late night lover who burns the candle at both ends, I really couldn’t mate with sleep at half past nine. Naturally, I was really left with no option but to simply gaze at the spectrum of darkness that blanketed me. I just randomly surfed online, read newspapers, saw what my friends were upto and occasionally texted a few Nighthawks.

A week later, I was fatigued with the games on my phone. I had played all of them and I finished all the offered levels. So, I decided to visit the App Store and search for some interesting Free Apps.

On the Top Charts, in Free Apps, I happened to find an app called “Sherlock”. It had a pretty good review and the App looked neat. Well, truth be told, the user-interface was what grasped my attention. The graphics and the viewing options in their App were really attractive and so I immediately downloaded it.

Once it was installed I opened it and then amused myself with the way in which the App allowed us to turn the pages, to dock it on the shelf and to insert the bookmarks. Then, I got the hang of it and decided glance through “A Study in Scarlett”. I took three days to finish that novel and then, I proceeded to read “The Sign of the Four”. Sherlock Holmes had become the singular person of considerable interest in my life and his elementary deductions had truly left an impression on me.

Anyway, until I reached chapter six, I was just Adarsh Ramesh, engineering aspirant. But after reading chapter 6, I was still just Adarsh Ramesh and I was still an engineering aspirant. Things take its own course for a change to materialize. Nothing ever happens oh so quickly. We just have live by the rules and move with the tune.

But one thing is for sure, chapter six marks the beginning of my entry into the crime-fiction world. Chapter six made me think. It gave me a new perspective.

Chapter VI.

Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration.

“ – O, no. Still, we can’t deny that you hit the nail on the head sometimes. Dear me! Door locked, I understand. Jewels worth half a million missing. How was the window?”

“Fastened; but there are steps on the sill.”

“Well, well, if it was fastened the steps could have nothing to do with the matter. That’s common sense. Man might have died in a fit; but then the jewels are missing. Ha! I have a theory. These flashes come upon me at times.—

“– The only question is, how did he depart? Ah, of course, here is a hole in the roof.” With great activity, considering his bulk, he sprang up the steps and squeezed through into the garret, and immediately afterwards we heard his exulting voice proclaiming that he had found the trap-door.

“Facts are better than mere theories, after all…”

Once I was done with reading the locked-room mystery, I set about thinking, “What would have Sherlock deduced if the room didn’t have “a hole in the roof”. How would Sir Doyle set about writing such a scene of peculiar interest?”

Well, that was where it all began…

That was when I, Adarsh Ramesh, wanted to be something more than just an engineer.

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