Writings that venture into the deepest of woods and farthest of horizons.


The Curse of Batman

download (1)This piece is just a way of showing my admiration for Nolan, all the comic writers, all the authors, the creators and the fans of Batman and the series.

I don’t want to use this for commercial purposes. I just want to tell you all a tale of what I think would have happened to Bruce Wayne after the story in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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The Chronicles of Kshitij and Eeshan

ghosts hand

This is the story of  two strangers, Kshitij and Eeshan.

This series explores the gruelling past of each of these men, their fights with life, the birthing of a friendship and the lessons to be learnt while a friend succumbs to the hard realities of health and life.

Immerse yourselves in this series and I promise you that when it is all over, you will all have a wonderful story to tell and a priceless lesson to disseminate.

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Melanie is my World


It was almost 12:15 AM. It was snowing outside and the whole of New York was under wraps. I, Ian, flushed down a quarter in a vending machine and picked up three coke bottles. I cradled all three of them in my giant hand and walked towards the waiting room. ‘Anything yet?’ I asked, worriedly, and bent my fleshy six-foot-five structure down, as I entered the crummy room.

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Sherlock Holmes and the Teddy Bear

images (3)It doesn’t matter where I live, I don’t want people to know my name. I just want people to believe in Sherlock Holmes and 221B Baker Street. I have debated with myself on several counts, trying to find a valid reason for penning this journal, but in vain. In my current state of mind, I tend to think that I am writing this journal to tell people that Sherlock Holmes isn’t just a character out of a fiction novel, but he is a symbol.

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Zip your Lip

Mysore Palace - Golden Throne (postcard)‘“His Highness, Maharaja Sri Sir Chamaraja Wadiyar ordered his artists to create four replicas of the Ratna Simahasana to keep the invaders from stealing the legendary throne. Since then, the Ratna Simahasana is brought to the Durbar Hall only during Navarathri and then it is taken to a secure facility and kept there for yet another year.

Now, the contractor who was in charge of maintenance had found four passages in the palace where he believed the replicas of the Simahasana were hidden.

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The Pariah


People are different. Different people, different perspectives. But when some people turn out to be a bit more different, something that isn’t in pipeline with the confines of the rules human behavior, things take an ugly turn.

Now here is a simple story, The Pariah, which brings out the lives of casual people in the present day London, only Samantha is a bit…different.

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