Everything Wrong With The Batman

Continued from “He is Back” and “We All Wear Masks

Everything Wrong With The Batman

‘So we just go to the Bridge now? Gordon, that’s a huge risk! There are tons of filthy Batmen on the streets. How do you know for sure that it’s Bruce? This might be a trap. Why don’t you call him and ask him to meet us at the Mansion or at the Dock?’ said Blake, as he and Gordon made their way into the basement of the Wayne Foundation’s Home for the Socially Challenged.

‘Maybe, but this is a risk we have to take! I would have died today if not for Bruce or that man who put a bullet through one of Joker’s minions at my office. And he is right about Gotham’s Curse, you know. We have too many Batmen! All of them copycats and all of them equally worthless! We are hitting rock bottom, Blake, and considering the shuddering idea of the Joker being out of Arkham, I would very much like it if Bruce were back!’ replied Gordon hotly, as he climbed inside one of Bruce’s Porsche.

‘Can’t the cops handle it?’ asked Blake coldly.

‘Honestly, no. Under Bruce’s watch, Gotham felt safe – ’

batman-joker‘ – Safe? Gotham was terrorized! The Joker did all he did just so he could gain the attention of the Batman. The Joker and the Batman are inseparable. Joker won’t stop terrorizing Gotham sp long as the Batman is alive,’ said Blake and revved the engine.

‘Joker lives for chaos. Joker’s actions aren’t predicated on Batman, Joker’s action are unpredictable and have no apparent reason! I cannot believe what you are saying, Blake. What’s the matter with you?’ yelled Gordon madly, as Blake exited what was once the Wayne Manor and sped towards the Bridge.

‘Look, a vigilante is short lived. A vigilante, no matter how much good he does or how heroic his actions are, won’t dwell in the minds of people for long. These actions, on the other hand, will be the bringer of predicaments and will put the lives of many at risk!’ Blake said bitterly and added, ‘Bruce was a vigilante and that’s the reality. He was not a hero; he was just an eccentric businessman who brought a lot of pain and torment to Gotham! Think about it, Gordon.’

‘What’s there to think about it? You are out of your mind, Blake! The Batman gave the people of Gotham hope. The Batman cleaned our streets! All those mobs and drug dealers feared the Batman – ’


‘ – No, no, no! You aren’t thinking straight, Gordon. Think like a detective…like you once taught me. Ra’s Al Ghul used the metro line built by the Wayne Enterprise to sentence Gotham to doom. Bane used the Neutron Bomb developed by the Wayne Enterprise to hold the citizens hostage and to threaten our very existence and the Joker lives and breathes just so he could “play” with Batman. The root cause for all the mishaps and debauchery at Gotham stem from the Wayne Family. The mob, the drug chains, the robbers, the corrupt politicians…everyone. All of them…all the offenders in Blackgate Prison do what they do to quench their thirst and lust for money. Gotham has stagnation of wealth and most of it lies with the Wayne Enterprise. So, in a way, again, the Waynes are responsible for the chaos at Gotham.’



Gordon remained mute. He, for a brief second, decided to let his guard down and think rationally. Gordon stared into the road ahead of him and noticed the Wayne Enterprise as they drove past it. Martha and Thomas were killed because of their money, Maroni, Falcone…all of them call themselves businessmen…men interested in money…is Blake right?

latest‘If you think further, Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Shadows created the Gotham Depression in order to bring financial chaos and to ruin Gotham. The Depression put Joe Chill out of a job and provoked him to kill Thomas and Martha Wayne. This in turn ignited Bruce’s spirit for vengeance, which made him violent and turned him rebellious. The Nazi Germany grew in the areas of architecture, fine art, scientific research and culture. The automobile industry, food and transportation and machinery saw a boom during those days, but do we think of their leader as a hero? Do we worship the days of such totalitarian regime?’

As Blake turned right and came in sight of the Bridge, Gordon resumed from his silence and said ‘Ra’s Al Ghul was a freak! He wanted to destroy Gotham and the Batman had nothing to do with it – ’

‘ – No he didn’t, but he gave them the means to destroy Gotham. If not for the Wayne Enterprise, the action of Ra’s would have been quantified and the cops would have caught up to them.’

‘So you are saying that the Wayne Enterprise’s developmental projects made Gotham vulnerable?’

‘Yes. I’m not against Gotham’s development; I’m against the idea of a family, a private entity owning such stake in the City. We have our governments and legal protocols and a myriad of other public entities tasked with the development of Gotham. We are a democracy, not a totalitarian state. We are ruled by elected representatives, not vigilantes.’

‘Corrupt representatives!’ yelled Gordon, as Blake brought the Porsche to a halt.

‘And Batman isn’t the answer for that problem! Tens and hundreds of cities in the world have corrupt politicians and legislators. They don’t have the Batman to solve their problems. When they are fighting to fix it on their own, as a people, as a city, why can’t we? We have the law enforcement agencies to deal with it. We have forums to exercise our voices. We have the newspapers, the Internet…we can go to the Federal agencies…there are tons of solutions, Gordon!’ said Blake agitatedly.

‘But Batman gave the people of Gotham hope when Gotham was in the abyss.’

tdkr-f4‘Batman put Gotham in the abyss and he cleaned up his own mess. Period. The government, the police, the legal machinery…everything was designed to give people hope and as entities, they are incorruptible. The people in it can be corrupted, but as a symbol, they can never be corrupted. People like Dent who we thought could lead Gotham to a brighter future were corrupted and their actions proved the very contrary of what we hoped of them. Batman too. Look at what is happening to Gotham today! Every crook, every robber, every rapist, all of them call themselves Batman and they commit all the crimes in his name. The very symbol that stood for hope is being dragged through the mud. If the police and the courts fail to function, fail to deliver, it can be fixed, but if people lose hope in their fellow beings, if they fear their source of their hope, then Gotham will end.’

Gordon was lost. He was drowned in his own thoughts as he stepped out of the car quietly and slid open his phone. He went to his call lists and placed a call to the number from which he believed that Bruce Wayne called.

‘I’d rather rule with Joker than toil for Batman,’ said Blake as his phone buzzed.

‘No!’ whispered Gordon.

‘I’m sorry,’ said Blake, pulling his hand out front and pointing his revolver at Gordon.



All pictures have been taken from Google Images that links to various websites. 

I apologize for taking the pictures and I vow that this article is for no commercial purpose. 

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