He is Back!

‘Meet me alone by the Bridge near Arkham in thirty minutes,’ commanded a deep voice and cut the call, as Commissioner Gordon stared at the screen in wonderment.

Was that Bruce? Was that Batman? Is he back in Gotham? How do I know it’s him? thought James Gordon and called the unknown number back.


There wasn’t any response. The call went unanswered, as a new recruit at the GCPD knocked on his door and said apprehensively, ‘Uh-Commissioner? Someone delivered this package for you.’

James slowly turned his gaze away from the phone and signaled the Sergeant to come in. ‘Who delivered it?’ he asked blankly, not being to reel himself out of the conversation he just had. It’s been nine-years since Bruce left. Why is he back now?

The Sergeant locked the door behind him and he mumbled something incoherently before he started laughing. With each second, the laughter grew eerier and the Sergeant grew wilder. He laughed like a mad dog and then he pulled out his revolver. He pointed it straight at the Commissioner and said, ‘Him,’ as a metallic capsule shattered the window behind Gordon’s desk and pierced the Sergeant’s gun wielding arm.

The officers from the adjoining pens burst into Gordon’s chamber, as James jerked around and tried to find the shooter.

‘Commissioner? You all right? Are you hurt?’ probed Inspector Jeremy, as Gordon’s phone buzzed on the desk.

‘I’m all right, I’m all right! Hold that man down and check what’s in that package!’ yelled Gordon, as he looked at his phone. The same number said Gordon to himself and answered the call without hesitation.

He sprinted out of the room with the phone pressed tightly against his ears, as the uncanny deep voice said, ‘He is back.’

‘But he is locked up at Arkham! How can he be – ’

‘That is exactly why I need you to meet me by the Bridge. We both know what the Joker is capable of.’

‘Uh –’

           3859882-6269102771-Bruce ‘No time to waste. 10 minutes. And come alone. I’m going to meet you not as Batman, but as Bruce. This town doesn’t need another Batman. There are too many filthy Batmen out there already.’

            ‘Commissioner, it’s – it’s a visiting card. One that we all dread,’ said Jeremy, as he showed the Joker’s card in haste.

            ‘I’ll see you in 10,’ said Gordon and cut the call. He then looked at Jeremy and said, ‘Get my wife out of the house and call up Henry. Bring him back home.’


‘I-I can see shadows. The images are quite sharp, you know,’ said Bruce Wyne in Italian to his ophthalmologist in Florence.


‘Yes. I mean, I can see the original image and I can see a faint replica of it below the original one.’

‘Okay Mr. Wozniak, I’m going to recommend you getting an Opscan done at the earliest. I think you might have something called Karetoconus. It’s the bulging of your cornea. Nothing serious really, but I need you to take a scan before we can proceed with your treatment. Okay?’

‘Sure, sure. I’ll see you Monday.’



This piece is just a way of showing my admiration for Nolan, all the comic writers, all the authors, the creators and the fans of Batman and the series.

I don’t want to use this for commercial purposes. I just want to tell you all a tale of what I think would have happened to Bruce Wayne after the story in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

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