The Pariah 1.5

Eye Opener

‘Sa-samantha, what are you…what the hell are you doing? Why did you slide back and –’

‘Duncan! Shit! You ran over Mitch! Oh my god! Mitch!’ bawled Samantha, gripping Duncan’s shirt hard and pulling him back and forth. ‘It was his birthday today! Why! What was so…’

‘Sam! Stop it! I wasn’t driving, you were!’ hollered Duncan and pushed his sister away. ‘God! What is wrong with you? Are you out of your mind? You ki –’

‘No! I wasn’t driving, you were! You were looking at your phone and driving. I kept telling you not to. But you didn’t listen to me. You –’

‘Enough! Samantha! Enough!’ yelled Duncan and raised his hand. ‘Why are you doing this? What is the problem with you?’

‘Officer, officer! He’s trying to hit me! He-he’ll kill me. No! Stay away from me. Stay…away!’

‘Mr. Connall, please step backward…’

‘Screw you, Samantha! Screw you!’ bellowed Duncan and stared at her.

‘Officer, I-I need to go home. I-I cannot…’ blurted Samantha and started crying.

‘I’m sorry, ma’am. But I’m not under the liberty to –’

‘– My mom’s a psychiatrist. Call her up. Here, call her, call her,’ babbled the Pariah and forcibly placed her phone in his hands. ‘I’m under medication. I-I can’t tell you why. Mom can. Mom…it’s Duncan. No. Nothing. My mom. Call my phone. I’m…I need to –’

‘– you are insane, Samantha. That’s what you are. Insane! You just killed my best friend and you…you are trying to fram –’

‘– Duncan, please stop lying! God! This is your car! Why would I be driving it? Oh dear, oh dear God. Why is this happening to me?’

‘My car? My car? It’s dad’s car!’

‘Liar! Officer, it’s his car. Check his…check the registration on that vehicle. Check his parking tickets…he wanted Mitch dead. Duncan, you killed him on purpose. I should have known. You are trying to take advantage of my condition. I should have known better.’

‘Shut up, Samantha! Shut up until dad gets here!’

‘Why should I? You are conspiring against me! You killed Mitch. Laura. You love Laura. You…you killed him for her. I didn’t expect this from you. Dad-Dad will be…you are evil! You are a monst –’

‘Bitch!’ Yelled Duncan and slapped her ferociously. ‘Shut that filthy mouth of yours! Or else – ’

‘– you’ll kill me too? Or else you’ll kill me too? Officer, he wants to kill me too. Ha! Do you just want me to stand here while he kills me? Is that what you cops do? Not protect women? I will…you see what I’ll do after – ’

‘– Ms. Conall – ’

‘– You don’t believe me, do you? Why don’t you check his phone, look at his messages and emails. Just look at this…and this…and this…’ said Samantha and showed the emails on her phone.’

‘The investigators will take the evidences – ’

‘ – you are doubtful how I got to access his ID? Well, last night, he accessed his email on my phone and forgot to logout. I confused his inbox for mine and I stumbled upon this. I wasn’t violating his privacy…he is…he has violated my privacy…’ said Samantha feebly and began weeping again. ‘Let my mom get here. You’ll know what sort of a man “my brother” is.’

‘Samantha, why are you doing this?’

‘Duncan killed Mitch on purpose! He wants to frame it all on me and then have me acquitted on grounds of insanity. I know his schemes. I know. I’m not stupid. I’m not insane…I’m not now. You can do whatever – ’

‘Dad! Dad! Thank God you are here!’ said Duncan and hugged his father, Sir Edmure Ray Conall.

‘And so is mom!’ said Samantha and hugged her mother, Lady Grace Cathrin Conall.

The Vulture always watches over you. The Vulture is your only true shadow.   

A frail clink was heard in the distance and the very next second, a metallic death capsule pierced Duncan’s eyes and hit the bonnet of the police patrol car.

The Vulture always watches over you. The Vulture is your only true shadow.

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