The Pariah 1.1

‘Quick! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. We can’t be late to the movies! We can’t miss the begi – ’

‘All right! All right! Shut up and drive…fatty!’ said Duncan Conall as he ran down the stairs, and threw his car keys at Samantha Conall.

‘Fatty?’ asked Samantha, the twenty-year-old Queen of Calories, who had obnoxiously spent the last six months burning every last ounce of unneeded fat. ‘You called me fatty?’

‘Geez, relax. I gave you my Porsche!’ said Duncan exasperatedly, as he sat on the plush leather couch in the veranda and put on his sneakers.

Samantha looked at the grand symbol of the Porsche on the key fob and smiled.

‘I’m not fat. I’ve really gone down,’ said the grumpy sister, shifting her gaze from the key and focusing on her stomach.

‘Good for you! All right, let’s get cracking,’ said the only son of Sir Edmure Ray Conall and then shouted, ‘See you later, mom!’

‘Goodbye mom,’ followed Samantha and ran out of their majestic mansion on Draycott Avenue. She picked up her Dolce and Gabbana Animalier sunglasses off the “pickup” box at the door and ecstatically ran behind her twenty-five-year old brother.

‘Say Danny, did you watch Ozymandias last night?’ asked the short, fair and squeaky voiced female in Animalier sunglasses, as she and her brother walked towards the gate where their Porsche was royally parked.

‘No. I was working on the Paringson case. Now don’t you dare tell me what happens – ’

‘ – Hank dies, Gomez dies, Walter curses Skylar and flees Mexico!’

‘Hank what! Go- Skylar! Why? Why would you – ’

‘That’s for calling me fatty, sucker!’ said Samantha and took her seat behind the wheel.

Duncan snatched the keys from her and hotly said, ‘I’ll drive. You won’t be getting the Porsche now.’

‘Quit being a jerk, Danny, give me back the keys.’

‘I’m sorry, is this your car?’

‘It isn’t yours either. It’s dad’s car.’

‘And dad gave it to me on my birthday! He gifted me this car, which means it is mine!’

Samantha agitatedly turned around and walked back towards the entrance, her neatly oiled ponytail following her with each step and roving from side to side.

Duncan looked at her for sometime and then, as always, he assumed the seat of generousness and called out for her. ‘All right! You can drive! Come back here…Sam!’

Samantha didn’t stop walking. She thought, If I drag on, he’ll offer me more goodies. He can’t resist the urge to please others. Bad for him, good for me!

‘I’ll buy you lunch!’

That’s not enough. Raise the stakes, buddy!

‘I-I’ll take…you can come with me tonight. You can get to meet Mitch. Alone.’

‘You serious?’ whispered and turned around in a flash.

Duncan bit his lips and cursed himself inside his head. God! Why this compulsion to please people? Damn it!

‘You serious?’ shouted Samantha.

‘Please drive.’

‘Is that a yes?’

‘I’ll tell you if you drive.’

‘Fine!’ said the woman clad in black jeans and pinkish-white skirt, and ran towards the Scouser.

She took the key from him happily and jumped behind the wheel. She plugged in her iPhone to the car stereo and played the album Night Visions by Imagine Dragons.

When the days are cold

And the cards all fold

And the saints we see

Are all made of gold…

The security guard opened the gate and smiled at the two Conall children, as the Porsche pulled out the mansion and rocketed on Draycott Avenue.

‘If I miss the beginning, I won’t watch the movie. We’ll have to go tomorrow,’ said the fussy sister.

‘No can do. I have work tomorrow. I’ve to meet Professor Gangadhar.’

‘I don’t care. Not my problem. I don’t want to – ’

‘– Just keep your eyes on the road and your mouth shut, will you? We’ll talk about this later.’

‘Look at the road my ass!’

Duncan didn’t reply. He turned his face away from her and pulled out his phone.

‘I’m looking at you, bastard!’


‘I’m still looking at you.’

‘Keep looking,’ replied Duncan, thinking that his cerebral sister was kidding. He mundanely opened the Facebook application and uploaded the status, ‘On our way to Prison.’

‘It’s not Prison, dumbass, it is Prisoners!’

Danny joltingly removed his eyes off his phone and looked at his imbecilic sister. Before he could open his mouth to yell at her, the car banged against a pedestrian and then ran over him.

‘Damn! You hit someone!’ roared Duncan and quickly turned around. ‘Shit! You ran over a man! I hope he isn’t…’

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