Zip Your Lip

‘“His HighnessMaharaja Sri Sir Chamaraja Wadiyar ordered his artists to create four replicas of the Ratna Simahasana to keep the invaders from stealing the legendary throne. Since then, the Ratna Simahasana is brought to the Durbar Hall only during Navarathri and then it is taken to a secure facility and kept there for yet another year. Now, the contractor who was in charge of maintenance had found four passages in the palace where he believed the replicas of the Simahasana were hidden. The contractor eventually dug up on the vital palace information from the archives and devised a plan to steal the throne. He shared his views with his son, who happened to be acquainted with the security officer who was deputed to guard the throne. Now, on the third day of Dasara, the plan was to have the friendly security officer divert the attention of his fellow guards and replace the Ratna Simahasana with the fake one from the corridor. Then, he was to have the contractor’s men sphered the throne across the corridor, which would open up at the Vishnu temple. From there, the throne would be moved to a tableaux that would slowly sail through the procession and then make its way out of the palace. Meanwhile, the four other fake thrones would be taken right in front of the crowd and the police, diverting their attention and making them believe that it was all a part of a goof. The people, all of them in festive mood, would buy this and no one would know about the swap. The truck with the real Simahasana would be eventually handed over to the Arabs near Sri Rangapattana. But then, the Arab who buys it happens to be a plant by the DC, who apparently had heard about the plan and accordingly had set a trap to have all the men involved with the conspiracy caught red handed,” this will be the story of the movie. Sounds good?’ I asked and looked around at my friends.

‘Well, I guess it does. Go on now. What’s your plan?’

‘Okay, so, now, we really are robbing the throne. It’s not just a movie. It’s real.’

‘I don’t get it.’

‘We form a crew, all right? We approach a production house and have them take up this project. Now, the producers of the movie will be responsible to get all the necessary permits from the government, you agree with me?’

‘Yeah, that’s right.’

‘Cool. So, in reality, the Simahasana will be moved to yet another location before the shooting begins, right?’


‘And we will know where it will be moved to.’


‘Well, during Dasara, cops from Bangalore will be summoned to Mysore. We can easily masquerade as a cop from Bangalore. The ones in Mysore cannot recognize us. New faces. They really won’t be familiar with all the faces in just over a day, would they?’

‘I guess not.’

‘So, we know where it will be sequestered and so, we can get access to the Simahasana. We will again swap it there and take it out through the main exit, in front of all the cops and the crowd. No one will suspect us. In fact, they’d be cheering and clapping. Lol, I know this needs more refining, but I’m just saying that we can build on this. Right?’

‘Maybe. But I have a class to attend now. So, enjoy yourself buddy. I’ll see you.’

‘Oh well, I won’t publish this anywhere. I don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Wait up, I’ll come with you.’

‘Stealing the throne! Ha!’

‘It’s possible.’


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