05.06.2014 was amazing! Probably the best of days I’ve had in 2014.

At 5:00 PM, I swung by a certain orphanage after three months (name of the orphanage withheld on request of the organization) and oh my god, had the children missed me! I had no idea I was of such importance…to anyone for that matter. My presence is periodically acknowledged (or I make myself acknowledged), but these kids truly and honestly loved me being there.

I had to hide my wallet, my phone, my keys and my glasses under my helmet and skillfully place it on a ledge so high that the frenzied children (giving due consideration to the fact that they can be quite acrobatic) wouldn’t be able to reach it. They almost pulled my pants down, had my shirt torn and squeezed almost every drop of sweat off me.

photo (16)I had them play the seesaw, pushing each kid on either sides up and down and up and down for over a hundred times, straining every last vertebrae on me. On child hung on my back, one on my neck, one on my arm and one on my leg! God! I can barely express the euphoria I experienced today! Anyway, the point of all this (jibber-jabber, if you look at it that way) is that in the past few months, I got so indulged in my work that I barely had the time to visit this particular NGO! Well, even though most of my work was for the betterment of such NGOs, the feeling today I discerned at that home was something of the sort where one returns home after a pretty long vacation.

So, no matter how much work you have or how important you are (or the contrary), breaking free from the chronic schedule and visiting such places where innocence and true love welcomes you is always a treat.

Well, make time for the ones who truly love you and make the best use of the amazing place you all live in.

If you seriously consider the worthiness of this message and if you really want to feel something awesome, feel free to contact me.

To the good times 🙂

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