983 Kilometers!

Here is a journal sort of thing explaining (in short) my 30-day activities for the month of June.

My cousin came to Mysore on the day before my Semester End Examinations started. I studied my stuff, hastily, and she got acquainted with her yoga teacher. Just a day in and she was hard at work. We would hang out every alternate day and talk, watch movies, get ice creams or burgers or just go around the city. Anyway, in a jiffy the exams went by and I headed to Chennai. (Skipping some content keeping in mind that readers don’t usually want to read much).

 At Chennai, my parents, cousin and I stayed at my uncle’s place and roamed around the city under the scorching heat of the unforgiving sun. Bearing the humidity, we went to IIT, a hoard of temples and beaches, attended a wedding and I with that, I worked on my sci-fi novel, on which I am working under the title “Higher Calling”.

Three days hence, we were back at Mysore and my holiday was over and that was all the holiday I needed.

photo 4I started working on a story series for a certain website (the details of which will be disclosed in August) and in three days, I was done with it too. Just a heads up, the story is really neat and it is the kind with which everyone can relate to. It is emotional, gripping and something which you would want to read as often as possible (maybe once every week).

With that done, I was already one week into my holidays! My friends and I had booked our tickets to Europe and so I was tasked to finish my work (or at least build it so that I could work from Europe). With that goal in mind, I realized I couldn’t do just one work at a time. I needed to multitask. I needed to work around the clock.

Among the list of activities, there were:

  1. Work on Project ReachOut: Nurture a Child; Teach-and-Learn; Mythri Magazine; Society First; Website update; Prepare MOUs…(it goes on and on)
  2. Secure copyrights for my Novel (The Dominion)
  3. Weave a plot for my second Novel (Higher Calling)
  4. Write an essay for the Peter Drucker Challenge
  5. Update the Blog often
  6. Build my own website
  7. Spend time with cousin and family
  8. Work on the final year project
  9. Work on the PACE Project
  10. Start preparing for CAT/ GMAT
  11. Catch up on TV shows
  12. Try to keep in touch with friends

Well, these are a few important activities I have been juggling from the past 30 days. I have roamed around Mysore, alone, for over 983 kilometers, I have met many sponsors, many people from the government, many children, many parents, lawyers, bankers…God knows I’ve spent hours waiting for each one of these people at their offices. Huh! I have no reasons to be modest because apart from preparing for CAT/ GMAT, I have managed to accomplish my plans concerning every one of those items on that list (Except for Project ReachOut and the Copyright. Work never ends at Project ReachOut and well, the latter takes time).

photo 2With regards to Project ReachOut®, holiday season has especially been difficult for me because of lack of volunteers, owing to the fact that people are preoccupied with exams, internships, trips, “taking rest”, football, trainings and so on and so forth. I was really upset when many responded in the negative for my repetitive calls. Then I realized that it is holiday time, only a fool can expect work during the holiday season! That too a work that didn’t pay and offered no contribution to one’s career (if one chooses to believe so). So, I set about working on my own.

I must confess, work was extremely tedious at the beginning. I had to go to the lawyer’s office at Nazarbad, then to Ashadayaka Seva Trust at Metagalli, then to Masth Mysore at Kuvempunagar, Ads India at Devaraja Mohalla, Govind Rao High School at Lakshmipuram, Mythri Charitable Trust near Ballal Circle, Dhvanyaloka near Bogadi…it was all so very tiring!

Then, to my good fortune, Gaurang came along and we started work together. Eventually, a few volunteers on the Teach-and-Learn group became responsive and well, the puzzle began to piece together. Me and Gaurang worked dedicatedly towards brining Ashadayaka to the fore and we are still doing it, and I promise, we will keep working on making Ashadayaka Seva Trust® stand on its own and stand proud among its peers. Anything for the happiness of the kids.

photo 3

In short (but not too short), the most important thing one should remember is that while working, one should not rely solely on the hope of securing assistance of others and one should not lose the determination, no matter what one might have to endure. Hard work always pays and it is work that adds credence to one’s life. (that’s what I believe, I know I’m sure to be contradicted)

I used to wake up everyday, spend time with my dear cousin, who made my hectic holidays such a memorable one, and then head to work. I would leave at around 10:00 AM and return at 7:00 PM. (most days)

I have something called Spina Bifida and Sacralization of L5 (it has something to do with low back pain) and yet, I travelled around the city for over 8 hours a day, wanting to make things better for so many people in need.

Another point to note is that one who is committed to work shouldn’t really bother about the rewards. The price for your work is secured through the happiness and comfort of those who you help and by the amount (yes, you can measure) of satisfaction you earn through your work.

photo 1I hate to publicize what I do, but in today’s world, people do just “an only” job a day and tell that they have worked too much and that they are tired to their bones. Well, everything depends on priorities and one can do as much as 12 different works in one day, and each of it can be done with the best of efficiency. (I’m ready to argue on that…with proof) So, I just wanted to give everyone an example of it.

The second reason for this write-up is because people believe that academics might take a hit when you indulge in “extra-curricular activities”. Well, first of all, it is of extreme disgrace that Social Service isn’t a part of the curriculum and secondly, spite of working around the clock on my “extra-curricular activities”, I managed a 9.5 in my sixth semester Electronics and Communications Engineering. So, again, nothing is impossible. It just depends on how you manage your time and conduct yourself.

The third reason is that without publicity, nothing can be accomplished. Period.

I’ve heard that Gandhi once said, “If I have to advice someone about something, I should be sure of doing it myself” or something like that. The point is, I have the credibility to advice now and well, I’m going to do so rightfully. I’m not being cocky, I’m just filling the pages of my “open book”.

So, I hope this is brief insight into the past 30 days of my life will mean something to someone.

Thanks a lot to mom, dad and Rupa for taking care of an angered me. Thank you Vishal, Sushanth and my lawyer for sticking around and helping out with my novel, essay and blog. Thank you Gaurang, Smruthi, Shanshank, Amrutha, Raghul and Manasa for your work on the Nurture a Child program. Santosh and all my 35 registered volunteers, thank you for Teach-and-Learn. Apoorva, thank you for your help on the Mythri Magazine. Lots of thanks to Masth Mysore and Ads India for the unending support.

Lastly, thanks to those who wished well, but couldn’t be of much help and those whose names I forgot. (for which I deeply apologize)

With the dawn of the new month, I hope more people will be motivated to work harder and resolved to accomplish greater heights.

Have a nice evening all!

 photo (12)

8 thoughts on “983 Kilometers!

  1. Adarsh, every word you have written here is very meaningful and praiseworthy! I am one among those who wishes to help but haven’t done anything besides my sincere words of encouragement. Hope to help you with a few things that we had discussed over a month ago. And yes selfish thought I can say….if you had accommodated a visit to Bangalore in these 30 days, sure would have made us all smile too ;).

    • Vidya Sridhar, your wishes mean a lot to us
      If you were in Mysore, I’m sure you would have reached out with us

      Haha, I will come soon.
      I am leaving to Europe on July 16th. So, I’ll be there a day or two before that, I guess. I’ll meet you guys then

  2. First of all I want to thank project reachout,because of it I came to know about you,,and today after reading this I want t tell only one thing.,
    every parent should get a child like u,society need a “worker” like u,and last but not the least people who are struggling in life about their future needs a guide like u..
    And today without any hesitation,I’m proud to tell that,,,adarsh ramesh is my inspiration for life.
    Thank u sooooo much:-):-)

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