I Walk a Lonely Road…I Hope You Will Too

I wanted to post this on 29/07/2014, but then I decided to make a movie instead. So, one complete evening, in the confines of my hotel room at Turin, I made a splendid travel log on my iPad and had the song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” on the backdrop to compliment the movie. Then, owing to the fact that the Internet at the hotel there was almost comparable to the signal reception at Chamundi Hill, I decided to upload it after returning to India.

The next day, my friends and I were all running about, preparing for our conference, the presentation and getting all suited up. We spent the equivalent of a train ticket from Mysore to Delhi on a taxi ride that covered a distance of around 4 kilometers and then we rushed to the auditorium. I, eager to have my whole presentation recorded, deleted all the unwanted clips and with it, to my misfortune, I deleted the movie as well. I didn’t have the patience to do it all over again, so I decided to post the blog instead.

Then we won the competition and well, I forgot all about this article. It got buried somewhere deep inside my head and it got itself neatly secluded. Today, again, as I was clearing my iPad to make room for the photos that I intend to take on my second visit to Europe (tomorrow), I came across this article and well, guys, just take a read.


I Walk a Lonely Road…I Hope You Will Too

Ever since I got to know I was going to Europe, I have wanted to go to Genoa. The very sound of the name makes this place sort of intriguing and to me at least, the desire to be here was more than that of the want to see the Colosseum or the Vatican or the Eiffel Tower.

I knew I would surely go to Genoa, but I didn’t know when exactly. So, I booked no tickets and made no plans as to what I would do there. I just wanted to go, that’s all.

The main reason for me to choose Genoa is attributed to the fact that the structures or monuments at all the prime tourist destinations in Europe (or any part of the world for that matter) have stood for many decades, including the decades of decadence, and they will stand for ages to come. So, I had no urge in wanting to visit those places, but then again, just like schooling, visiting at least a few of these places is necessary (owing to a lot of facts, which is left for readers’ interpretation/compilation).


Anyway, the onset of urbanisation has made it difficult to completely immerse oneself in the art, the grandeur and the majestic eerie feeling these places offer. Crowded halls and clicking cameras sort of take away the aesthetic beauty that can be reaped from these precincts. According to me, people will decay these historic places faster than age. You mull on that and if you agree, please proceed.

Genoa is one of the many place where you can find serenity through the experience and not monuments, and it is still primitive in comparison to Rome or Paris or Torino.

Also, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sistine Chapel, the Roman Forum and such other landmark destinations have been talked about and discussed intensively on all kind of platforms. We have descriptions, photos, videos and virtual tours that make us feel a sense of déjàvu when we actually see it. The expectation (roughly) is that of seeing if the place, in reality, matches with the description…and to take a few photos for social network profiles, I agree.

IMG_5417The element of surprise is what makes birthdays and proposals and anniversaries work and so, if someone I know or you know is visiting Europe, leisurely if I may, visit the landmark places for a few days and then pack your bags and head out to explore the less spoken parts of this majestic land. If you travel alone, it would be like a festival of frosting on a delicious ice-cream. Also, please just sit at a park or a cafe or your hotel room and relax.

Yesterday, I walked alone on lonely streets, climbed steep hills and made my way across wobbly bridges. I got chased by a dog, I lazied back in a swimming pool, had a dinner of Magnum and Chocolate Gelato and then watched an Italian movie (for about a half hour I just saw actions and tried to make sense of it. L-O-L) on Mafias on a channel called TopCrime. I slept at 7:00 PM, woke up at around 12:00 AM and walked out into the cold air at my private balcony. I rested my feet on the table and my heScreenshot 2014-11-09 15.43.29ad against a fluffy pillow; I covered myself up in a nice little blanket, put on my earphones, munched on Pringles and watched Morgan Freeman’s character and his partner’s grand heist in the Thick of Thieves (I watched it on YouTube, if anyone is wondering). I fell asleep there till about 4:00 PM. My nose then started flushing water, so I rushed back inside the room, turned on the heater and slept on the King Bed with the warm embrace of a comforter. I woke up to Imagine Dragons’ Demons, sat in a hot jacuzzi, had breakfast and made my way back to the train station. Also, during my long walks, I thought of the core to my sci-fi novel, Higher Calling.

So, in tote, do not completely plan your trips. Let there be surprises. Let there be joy. Let there be…


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