I won’t quit AAP

I have been meaning to write this for a long time, but time is what I lack. Anyway, it’s never too late to speak one’s mind. So, well, here is why I won’t quit AAP.

The recent turn of events have made a once strong political movement a one-legged “political party” with apparent structural breakdown.

AAP was started not as a prime political party with aspirations to rule India, it was/is here to give people faith in the structure of our democracy and provide a safety net, should there be a leak in our governmental structure.

AAP gave a reason for people to take active part in politics, even though things didn’t quite pan out as expected. I’m not going to state what it accomplished in terms of dates and events, I’m just going to be crisp and the least bit exaggerative.

AAP managed to take due consideration of the people’s opinion. AAP inspired many a big sharks to leave its muddle and join the grand spectrum of the Indian political awakening. AAP took a stand against the VIP culture, AAP stood for what it believed, just like an aam aadmi. AAP functioned without being diplomatic or hypocritical, AAP let the people on various turfs to carry out their work without interference and as a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal has his own say. He is nothing more than just another common man with individual ideas, aspirations, ambitions and thoughts. He quit because he didn’t see the point in walking down a minefield with clear knowledge that he was going to get hurt badly and no matter what, all of the plans to disarm the mines would culminate in nothing but emptiness. So he quit. Arvind Kejriwal quit.

And wow!

There began a media frenzy that was seen never before! Everyone scolded and yelled and slapped and did every other damn thing to target Arvind. Nobody thought of looking at the party and Kejriwal as two separate entities, bound by one’s membership to the other.

Again, the party of which Arvind Kejriwal is a member, was born with clearcut, albeit limited goals. To give hope by putting an end to corruption, that was a start. They weren’t equipped for parallel functioning, they worked towards a goal and they managed to make considerable strides. They fought the LS elections with the hope of securing a couple of seats, I agree, but I don’t know if spending so much can be justified or not, but certainly, losing is of pinnacle importance for winning.

Yes, there was a structural breakdown, so what? They didn’t win the support of the masses, so what? They don’t have a clear picture of the big picture, so what? Arvind Kejriwal is wrong for going on strikes and defaming people, so what? It’s not like they are here from the past 60 years, unlike some, and underachieved in every realm of the society that we know of.

They are here a toddler’s age, only just learning to walk. Yes, they trip. Yes, the fall. Yes, they don’t have a coherent goal, but they will rise again and it is sure to happen.

I won’t quit AAP because it is an entity we deserve and because it won’t desert you. It will stay for a long time, being the muffled voice of Indians, checking for leaks and holding you from falling.

Please see the video and well, hopefully you’ll be inspired.

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