The Guide

When the stench spreads,
And the grounds shatter.
When the air gets thicker,
And the world grows darker.
When you feel like a slave,
Broken, shackled and in tatter.
Behold, my good lad,
You have but one friend.

In darkness he will guide,
Your dreams he will carry.
Your grief he will share,
Your sorrows he will bury.
In doubt he will counsel,
Your pain he will ferry.
Your chains he will tear.
Your burden he will bear.

Trust him, my dear lad,
And march forth with hope.
Do not lose sight of your goal,
My lad, march with hope.
Obstacles you can shatter,
Risks doesn’t even matter.
That voice in your head is all you need.
Believe in him and he will forever lead.


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