Living in the FEAR of NASH

Is the world growing more and more inward and less and less competitive?
They say tough times bring out the best in people. It opens new vistas, makes people stronger, make people collaborate and work together – as a and for the community, but has it though? Really?
In the last 4 months, the world has seen the toughest of times, which we are all well aware of. But, what have we done in this time?
1. Attended numerous webinars
2. Probably taken some courses (or enrolled at least)
3. Talked about the New Normal many times
4. Used #workfromhome (I see there are around 4.3 million posts with this hashtags as of this moment)
5. Subscribed to…pretty much every mode of entertainment available online
And more of the like.
But, have we ever tried to collaborate…on anything? Or cocreate?
This leads to my point on the world growing less cooperative and more competitive. Being in the fields of Handicrafts / Gifting and Digital Marketing, I haven’t struck or have found opportunities to collaborate for the better, and I admit to being guilty of the premise on which I am writing. And I am sure each one of you reading this article share the same answer when you ask yourself: “Have I done the best I can to collaborate with peers in my industry to come up with a solution together in view of solving the most critical of issues confronting us all today?”
I am sure that even if you did want to collaborate, you’d be hesitant to take the first step, just because of the fear of what I call “The Fear of Nash”.
In game theory, the Nash equilibrium, named after the mathematician John Nash is a proposed solution of a non-cooperative game involving two or more players in which each player is assumed to know the equilibrium strategies of the other players, and no player has anything to gain by changing only their own strategy. In simple terms, if I assume that it is in the best interest of my competitor to not contribute in a collaborative venture, rather he/she is simply there to just assess my competency to better exploit it and win over prospective customers, then in all likelihood he/she is bound to assume the same about me, in which case, both of us, even though we might decide to do something “Collaboratively”, will just venture so in theory, but not share our best idea or be complacent. Hence, this Fear of Nash, which runs through the lengths and breadths of all industries, has turned the world inward and less and less collaborative.
This lack of collaboration has turned the world over to monopolists, to sloganeers and opinionators whose ideas sound real good in theory, but mean and implement nothing concrete, and to conservative-small-minded-individuals who work in silos not knowing if they are reinventing the wheel or worse, reverse-inventing (will explain this term in my next article).
So, given the premise of finding it hard to collaborate, we certainly aren’t making the best of the opportunity, and it surely is proving Winston Churchill’s “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste” wrong.
However, concluding with another one of his quotes, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.”
Are we though? And will we? Something to think about…
Please feel free to share your thoughts.